Yavapai County Treasurer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Electronic checks use a default value provided by the vendor.

There are various reasons that may cause a change in your billed amount from the prior year.
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Please allow three to five business days for mailed payments to arrive at our office.
There may be a slight delay in processing time during our busier times of year when the bills are mailed and in the weeks prior to the payment due dates.
The electronic payment services on this website are provided by our third-party provider, Certified Payments.
Please allow three business days for these payments to be reflected in our system.

In the event that you sold your home prior to receiving the bill, the new owner and/or mortgage company will pay the tax bill for the current year.

You can pay your bill by online, by phone, by mail, or in person.
Online payments can be made by Credit or Debit Cards or Electronic Check.

Why did my bill change?

The first item you will want to analyze is the Notice of Value sent out by the Assessor’s Office every February.
This card is meant to inform property owners of their assessed value that will be used for the coming years property
tax statement.

There are many different factors used to determine this figure and you will want to verify items such as legal class;
Primary Residence, Rental Property,
Agricultural, Commercial, etc. as well as verifying any exemptions you may be receiving such as disability or widow/widowers.
If you notice any increases in your value, or want to inquire about any exemptions available, you can contact
the Assessor’s Office at 928-771-3220 or visit the Assessors Web Page.

Every August the taxing authorities within your district submit their annual budgets, levies and tax rates to the
Board of Supervisors for adoption. If you see a significant increase in a particular taxing authority, you may contact
that authority from the list below or attend their budget meetings if available, to voice questions or concerns.

Once the values are set and the rates are approved by the Board, the information is then given to the Treasurer’s Office
to create the tax bill. Treasurer’s Office staff then collect and distribute themonies to the various taxing authorities.

Due dates for the tax bills are set in place by state statute and may not be modified or extended by the Yavapai County Treasurer.